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Western Region Drug and Alcohol Task Force

Western Region Drug and Alcohol Task Force

Who We Are

The Task Force is a coordinating body and works in collaboration with service providers to meet the needs of individuals, families and communities in the Western Region. We achieve this through awareness-raising on the impacts of drug and alcohol use, provide training on drug and alcohol-related issues, and provide relevant and up-to-date information on issues directly affecting local communities.

What We Do

We offer support and information to parents concerned about drug and alcohol issues. We advise of services and options available to parents. We also run a series of education programmes throughout the region through schools and community based organisations. Check www.wrdatf.ie for further details

How We Do It

The WRDATF engages in a number of prevention initiatives across the region, supported by it’s funded workers and partner organisations. These prevention initiatives are aligned to actions in the national and regional drugs strategies and target identifed local drug and alcohol issues. ​Some examples of regional prevention initiatives are listed here: https://www.wrdatf.ie/regional-prevention-initiatives.php

SAOR is a brief intervention for alcohol use. It is a short, helpful conversation that focuses on assessing, and if necessary, assists a person to consider and alter their alcohol consumption. Brief interventions have shown to be effective in initiating change in alcohol consumption for people with mild to moderate alcohol-related problems and in helping people with more significant difficulties to access specialised alcohol treatment services. The SAOR Model has been adopted by the HSE as the model-of-choice for delivering brief interventions for alcohol use

We also offer support through Family Support: https://www.wrdatf.ie/family-support.php

Who We Serve

You can check out our areas of work here: https://www.wrdatf.ie/areas-of-work.php
Planet Youth website launched – All you need to know about growing up in the west

Planet Youth website launched – All you need to know about growing up in the west

Planet Youth is an international evidence-based primary prevention model.

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Western Region Drug and Alcohol Task Force
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