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ISPCC – Child and Family Support Services

Who We Are

The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC) is Ireland’s national child protection charity. Founded in 1889, It is Ireland’s oldest and most well-known children’s charity. The ISPCC has a long, proud history of safeguarding, service delivery and advocacy on behalf of children.

We listen.
Childline is the national listening service for children and young people in Ireland, and is a confidential service run by the ISPCC, by telephone, text and online. In 2016, over 400,000 contacts were answered by our volunteers.

We support.
We provide high quality child centred, preventative services based on evidence which deliver measureable outcomes for children and families. Our professional child and family support services provide children, young people and families with therapeutic support during difficult or traumatic times in their lives.

We protect.
We seek to make child protection a national priority, by advising government on policy and practice change. We work with state agencies, employers, industries, schools and other organisations to build awareness of risks to children, and ensure high standards of practice. We also work diligently with others to ensure that a culture of safeguarding in Ireland becomes embedded in daily life and activities of all who work with or provide services for children.

Our services

Childline Online
Child and Family Support Service
Mentoring Programme (Child & Parent mentoring)
Support Line
Missing Children’s Hotline
Shield Programme
Advocacy for and on behalf of children in Ireland

What We Do

The purpose of the Child and Family Support (CFSS) services is to help build resilience among young people and families. Resilience is about being able to adapt well in the face of challenges, and overcome difficulties. We support young people to learn about and manage their own behaviour and emotions so that they are able to cope with the difficulties that affect their lives.

We also offer a Mentoring programme for children and / or parents. The positive impact of mentoring has been well documented and the idea of the impact of “one good adult” underpins this programme. Parents engaged in the mentoring programme do so in relation to all aspects of parenting support. Our Mentors will listen, guide and support their mentees to overcome their individual challenges. Our intervention plans are tailor made to suit the needs of the child, young person and family and the levels of support and time with your ISPCC Support Worker can vary.

We use a strengths based approach that acknowledges the central role children and parents have in decision making. The active participation of children and families is built into each individual intervention plan ensuring that the work has a lasting impact on the life of the child/parent.

CFSS Service Objectives:

  • To increase coping capacity and overall resilience of children
  • To increase the quality and level of social support
  • To increase positive social connections
  • To improve self-regulation and problem solving skills as a means of overcoming emotional and behavioural difficulties
  • To increase the coping capacity and overall resilience of parents
  • To improve parents’ ability to manage and respond effectively to children’s emotional and behavioural issues
The Child and Family Support Service uses the Kirkpatrick level of change in determining the impact of its work with clients.

How We Do It

Weekly sessions with your support worker – these can be in the home, community space, school, ISPCC Office etc.
Our service is Free
One to One therapeutic work is for a period of up to 6 months
Our Mentoring programme will match you with a mentor for a period of up to 12 months
We work in partnership and our work together is led by you and focused on achieving positive outcomes

Who We Serve

One to One Therapeutic Work:
Children & Teenagers 6 – 17 years

Parent Mentoring

Child Mentoring

Quick Reference

ISPCC – Child and Family Support Services
Unit 6,
The Plaza Headford Road,
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