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Galway Rural Development

Who We Are

Galway Rural Development (GRD) is a local development company which was established in 1994. We administer the Social Inclusion Inclusion Community Activation Programme (SICAP), LEADER , the Rural Social Scheme (RSS), and TÚS Programme. GRD also acts as a sponsor of a Community Employment Scheme providing maintenance work for local communities and clerical and administrative support.

GRD tackles social exclusion through our targeted supports and services. Ever mindful of the issues surrounding social exclusion, we have an inclusive approach to service provision, a commitment to access for all members of society to information, education and services and a collaborative approach when working with other agencies in these areas.

What We Do

Our mission is with the child at the centre, to design and deliver supportive, coordinated and evidence-informed Galway Rural Development Company is committed to enhancing and supporting the capacity of individuals, rural communities and small urban centres, towns and villages within rural areas to participate in the economic and social development of their area, through the provision of guidance, practical support and resources. GRD provides support for individuals, communities and businesses through one to one support, capacity building, education and training, funding for equipment and capital works. Through our employment schemes, the Rural Social Scheme, TÚS and Community Employment we provide participants who give valuable services to community groups. We work with marginalised groups in rural areas and have a number of target groups, including lone parents, low income households and have a particular focus on young people from 15 – 24, who are not in employment, education or training.

How We Do It

GRD provides support on the basis of identified needs and runs out workshops and training courses as required. This includes such things as a Homework Club, Driver Theory training, basic work skills such as Safe Pass, HACCP and Manual Handling. GRD also works with schools and provides extra curricular courses in music, yoga and mindfulness for children throughout the school cycle.

Who We Serve

Children and Families Living in Disadvantaged Areas; Disadvantaged Young People (aged 15 – 24); Disadvantaged Women; Lone Parents; Low Income Workers/Households; New Communities; People Living in Disadvantaged Communities; People with a Disability; Travellers; Roma; The Unemployed; The Disengaged from the Labour Market (Economically Inactive); Socially Isolated Rural Dwellers

Quick Reference

Galway Rural Development

Mellows Campus,
Dublin Road,
County Galway

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