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Galway Childcare Committee

Galway Childcare Committee

Who We Are

We are the local coordinating body for the Early Years and Afterschool Sector in Galway City and County, operating on behalf of the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA).

What We Do

We provide support for Early Years and Afterschool services through in-service training and access to quality assurance programmes. We assist these services with the implementation of the DCYA funding programmes, which provide subsidies for families availing of Early Years and Afterschool services

We provide support for parents to access quality childcare services in their local area and to avail of funding supports for childcare.

We provide Capital Grants for home-based Childminders.

We provide grants for Parent & Toddler Groups

How We Do It

Supports for Early Years (including home-based Childminders) and Afterschool Services
Providing advice and support for Early Years and Afterschool services through in-service training, referral to accredited training, access to quality support programmes, network meetings, on-site visits and one-to-one support via telephone and email.

Supports for parents
Provision of information for parents on choosing quality childcare, accessing childcare services and access to subsidies to reduce childcare fees.

Provision of grants for Childminders

Provision of grants for Parent & Toddler Groups

Who We Serve

Early Years Services including home-based Childminders and Afterschool Services


Parent & Toddler Groups

Quick Reference

Galway Childcare Committee

9b Liosbán Retail Centre,
Tuam Road,

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Opening & Closing

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