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Planet Youth website launched – All you need to know about growing up in the west

Planet Youth website launched – All you need to know about growing up in the west
Western Region Drug and Alcohol Task Force
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This resource is aimed at parents, people working with children and young people and anyone interested in the lives and lifestyles of young people in Galway and Roscommon.
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Planet Youth is an international evidence-based primary prevention model that has been developed in order to reduce substance use rates amongst adolescents.It works by directly targeting the risk and protective factors in young people’s lives that determine their substance use behaviours and enhancing the social environment they are growing up in.The model is underpinned by the data derived from the administration of the Planet Youth questionnaire.This comprehensive lifestyle questionnaire is administered to the 15-16-year-olds in the target community and it examines a great many aspects of their lives. There are questions on their substance use, health, mental health, physical activity, family and school experience, internet use, bullying and so on. The data returned from the survey is used to inform the development of suitable interventions in the community that will help address the known risk and protective for young people and thus improve outcomes. There will be further Planet Youth surveys in 2020 and in 2022.

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Western Region Drug and Alcohol Task Force

Western Region Drug and Alcohol Task Force

The Task Force is a coordinating body and works in collaboration with service providers to meet the needs of individuals, families and communities in the Western Region. We achieve this through awareness-raising on the impacts of drug and alcohol use, provide training on drug and alcohol-related issues, and provide relevant and up-to-date information on issues directly affecting local communities.

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