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My First 5 Little Library

First 5 Little LibraryThe Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth working with the National Library Service, will initiate an action called My Little Library. In this action over 61,000 4 & 5-year-olds who are going to school in September will be invited to their local library to pick up a bag of books and join the library.

First 5 My Little Library will offer a book bag with books and resources to every 4 and 5 year old going to school in September. The children will be invited through their ELC or special pre-school. The objective of this action is that all children starting school in September 2022 will have storybooks in their home and be members of their local library.

First 5 Little Library BagThe project will work like this:

  • Books have been selected by an appropriate committee of librarians, and books and bags have been procured by the
  • Insert resources are being prepared by invited partners to be supplemented at county
  • The Little Library invite will be delivered to the 30 Childcare Committees to be distributed
  • Every child of 4 & 5 in ELC starting school in September will get an invite to visit their local library to pick up a book bag with books and resources on starting school. When they come for their book bag they can join the
  • The libraries are preparing a special cardholder for the children for their library

We need your help to ensure that every 4 and 5-year-old starting school in September gets their invitation, collect their books and join the library. As this project is universal and a large undertaking, we wanted to get the word out before the official launch in late March and provide an overview of the project. The objective is that all children starting school this year will be a member of their local library and will have storybooks in their home. This initiative is a huge undertaking and we especially want to make sure that all children living in disadvantaged get their book bag and join their local library.Sponsors' Logos


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Choosing A Strong Password

Chains of words, make passwords easy to remember and harder to crack.


To create a password that meets our strength requirements, it’s recommended to use a mix of at least three random words along with a number (not a birthday or 123 etc., just random) and one or more symbols and capitals, but don't capitalize the first letters of the words, e.g.:

  • mower-speaK5shadow
  • table?taPe748goNe.

This password style might not be very common, and it will be much more difficult for computers/bots to crack. It also allows for your passwords to be memorized more easily. Though a password vault may help with that.