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Helium Arts – Creative Workshops to Help Your Child Live Well

Do you know a child or teenager living with a long-term medical condition who would benefit from being creative, having fun and building friendships in a safe and stimulating environment?

Then there’s never been a better time to join the fun with Helium Arts!

Who We Are

Helium Arts is the national children’s arts and health charity empowering young people through creativity and the Arts, and giving them an opportunity for connection, belonging and imagination.

What We Do

All children deserve a good childhood, but those living with health conditions face many challenges, such as loneliness, stress, anxiety, and often feel like their lives are defined by their condition. Helium Arts programmes are an opportunity for children and teenagers ages 6-18 to develop their confidence, talent and independence, while we foster creative healthy environments around them so they have better outcomes.

“It was uplifting for her. It has given her more confidence in herself, in her own abilities. She has and still is talking about the experience. It was a safe space for her.” – Parent



Ages 6-12
5-7 July: Mayo, Galway, Limerick, & Mallow
12-14 July: Clare
9-11 August: Cork


Cork, Galway & Limerick

Autumn Art Camps

AgeS 6-12
1-3 November: Clare, Galway, Mayo, Roscommon & Tipperary

6-Week Winter Art Workshops

AgeS 6-12
Saturdays, November – December:
Clare, Cork, Galway, Limerick & Mayo

How to Sign Up

Email hello@helium.ie to refer your child, patient or student to Helium Arts

Registered Charity No. 20075200


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