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Creative Writing Competition for ages 8-18

Creative Writing Competition for ages 8-18

Creative Writing Competition for ages 8-18

Natasha from ARD Family Resource Centre really wants to hear young people’s voices about how they want their future to be. Write a piece describing how you want the world to be in 2025 – you can focus on global issues or local issues, social justice, how you want people to be treated, the environment… (max 200 words). You can take a photograph or make a piece of art that captures your vision of the future. 

There are 2 categories, age 8-12 years and age 13-18 years.

There is a €50 One4All voucher for the winner in each category.

To enter, email your entry to natasha@ardfrc.com by Wednesday 24th June.


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Choosing A Strong Password

Chains of words, make passwords easy to remember and harder to crack.


To create a password that meets our strength requirements, it’s recommended to use a mix of at least three random words along with a number (not a birthday or 123 etc., just random) and one or more symbols and capitals, but don't capitalize the first letters of the words, e.g.:

  • mower-speaK5shadow
  • table?taPe748goNe.

This password style might not be very common, and it will be much more difficult for computers/bots to crack. It also allows for your passwords to be memorized more easily. Though a password vault may help with that.